Care & Instructions


1. Find your spot in the sun and sand, your shadow is a good indicator of where the umbrella shade will be cast.Take the detachable handle(rod) & thread through the bottom two openings on the base pole.

2. Dig a 30cm hole. Put your base pole into the hole and now use the handle to screw the base pole deep into the sand, do not apply too much pressure when doing this as it may cause the screw to sink inside the pole. Compact the surrounding sand.

3. Take the other half of your umbrella & open the canopy, the same as any other umbrella, sliding the mechanism up until it clicks into place.

4. Make sure that the tightening hinge on the base pole is loosened in the upward position before putting the two poles together.

5. Align the silver button with the upper hole on the base pole & carefully slide the umbrella down until it clicks into place.

6. Lastly, pull the tightening hinge into the downward position to secure the two poles together.

If you want to tilt the canopy of your umbrella to shade you from the setting sun or wind, simply push the button in on the tilt mechanism and push the canopy left or right until it clicks into place.



Umbrella Care


- Take care when opening/closing and assembling your umbrella, do not use excessive force. Because they are powder coated they have the potential to be scratched if care is not taken.


- Ensure your umbrella is anchored securely in the ground & always close the canopy when leaving unattended to avoid blowing away, getting damaged or injury to others.


- Always ensure that your umbrella is dry and clean before packing away to prevent mould or damage.


- When not in use store your umbrella out of sunlight, although it is made for many years of use, it is still susceptible to some fading.

 - These umbrellas are not intended for use in soil or dirt. In order to use your umbrella in soil you must utilise an umbrella anchor specifically for soil. These anchors can often be found at big chain hardware stores. 

Do not toss your umbrella at the end of its life there are many ways it can be reincarnated for a new life. Here are some ways you can make use of an old umbrella :

Remove the fabric canopy and use as

- A picnic blanket or a beach mat

- Sew into a wet bag for your wet gear after a swim

- Sew into multiple reusable shopping bags

- Fashion it into a kids teepee with some bamboo poles and a little diy know how.

To reuse the pole and or the fibreglass ribs;

- Get creative and make a chandelier with the kids

- Turn it upside down and you have a drying rack for clothes

- A garden stake

- Take it to the local recycle centre so it can have the chance of a new life

Google ‘how to upcycle an old umbrella’ and the opportunities are endless.



If you have any issues with your umbrella please  do not hesitate to contact us at


Please use your best judgement when using your umbrella, if it is too windy do not use your umbrella for the safety of yourself and others.